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Requirements for articles for publication in "Atlantis Press", indexed by WOS:

Materials are submitted to the organizing committee until December 7, 2021.

Only scientific articles corresponding to the specialization of the conference and possessing scientific novelty are accepted for publication.
It is not allowed to submit previously published articles or those under review.

Articles should be typed in the publisher template.

Example of a formatted article

Together with the article, the registration form are sent to the organizing committee .

The structure of the article should follow the format:
1. Introduction;
2. Materials and methods;
3. Results and Discussion;
4. Conclusion;
5. Acknowledgments (optional).

The above sections are required. Within these sections, sub-items can be highlighted and named at the discretion of the authors.
The results presented in the article should be formulated in the form of scientific provisions that clearly define the essence of the contribution to science.

The procedure for accepting materials for publication
Before sending an article for translation, you need to send the source material in Russian to the organizing committee. We strongly recommend that you do not translate the article until the end of the peer-review procedure, as in most cases, corrections to the work are needed.

Work with articles is carried out according to the following scheme:
1. Registration of an article
2. Plagiarism check
3. Peer review
4. Translation of an article
5. Conclusion of an agreement for registration fee payment
6. Confirmation of acceptance of an article for publication

When the status of the article changes, a message is sent to the correspondent author. Plagiarism check results in articles with similarity index of 25% or less. The reviewer evaluates the compliance of the article with the requirements for publication and the relevance of the research to the conference topics.
Articles are published in English only. The article should be written in a language understood by a specialist in the relevant field. Compliance of the English translation with the requirements is made by native speakers and professional translators.

Scientific articles (reports) should contain:
- title;
- information about the authors (surname, initials; affiliation, city, country; email address);
- abstract (100 to 150 words);
- list of references (the minimum number is 8 references in addition to self-citations, the presence of references to Scopus, Web of Science publications is mandatory).

References to the sources used should be arranged in the order of mention in the text in the format [1], [2-6], [3, 5, 7]. References to unpublished articles should not be given. References to Russian-language articles (journals) should be immediately in English.
The volume of the article: 5-6 full pages BY TEMPLATE (font size 10 pt, single spacing).
The author cannot publish in the collection is more than two articles.
The number of authors in one article cannot exceed five.

Articles and related documents should be sent to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Dear colleagues, we urge you to make sure that all materials (articles) that you send to the organizing committee of the conference have not previously been published in any publications (including in Russian).


Section 1. Sustainable Cities and Communities;

Section 2. Responsible Production and Consumption;

Section 3. Comfortable Environment and Sustainable Development of the Territory;

Section 4. Sustainable Development Indices and Indicators;

Section 5. Contemporary challenges in geosciences;

Section 6. Sustainable Development of International Relationships After COVID-19;

Section 7. Tourism Industry in a Turbulent Environment;

Section 8. Environment and COVID-19: Social Communication;

Section 9. Law and Environment After COVID-19;

Section 10. Partnership for Sustainable Development;

Section 11. Sustainable Economic After COVID-19;

Section 12. Problems and Directions of Eliminating Social Inequality.


Important dates


Registration and submission of articles in English - December 7, 2021

Submission of articles in Russian is possible, subject to ordering a translation from the conference organizer on a paid basis

Review results

Notice of the results of peer review - 2 weeks from the date of receipt of the article

Conference dates

December 7, 2021

Please, email papers and documents to