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The materials of the conference will be sent for indexing into the international scientometric database Web of Science CPCI.

Atlantis Press, now part of Springer Nature, is responsible for indexing the collection.

Springer Nature is one of the largest publishers in the world, producing scientific, technical and medical materials, journals and open access books that are successfully indexed in international databases.

With the addition of Atlantis Press to Springer Nature, the publisher has strengthened its position as the leading publisher of conference proceedings and other open access publications in general.

Also, the addition of Atlantis Press to Springer Nature positively influenced the indexing of materials produced by the publishing house in the international scientometric database Web of Science CPCI - materials are successfully indexed in due time.

The average term for indexing publications in the international scientometric database Web of Science CPCI, at the moment, is 12-24 months from the date of publication of the collection.

The conference organizers cannot influence the speed of indexing of conference materials in any way.

Indexing times depend directly on the workload of the department for processing and evaluating non-periodical publications of Clarivate Analytics, as well as on the level and quality of the conference, the institution of peer review and the originality of articles, which are provided at a high level by the organizers of the conference.


Section 1. Sustainable Cities and Communities;

Section 2. Responsible Production and Consumption;

Section 3. Comfortable Environment and Sustainable Development of the Territory;

Section 4. Sustainable Development Indices and Indicators;

Section 5. Contemporary challenges in geosciences;

Section 6. Sustainable Development of International Relationships After COVID-19;

Section 7. Tourism Industry in a Turbulent Environment;

Section 8. Environment and COVID-19: Social Communication;

Section 9. Law and Environment After COVID-19;

Section 10. Partnership for Sustainable Development;

Section 11. Sustainable Economic After COVID-19;

Section 12. Problems and Directions of Eliminating Social Inequality.


Important dates


Registration and submission of articles in English - December 7, 2021

Submission of articles in Russian is possible, subject to ordering a translation from the conference organizer on a paid basis

Review results

Notice of the results of peer review - 2 weeks from the date of receipt of the article

Conference dates

December 7, 2021

Please, email papers and documents to